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June 2017
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Rice Lake

"Service Above Self"

We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Lehman's Supper Club
2911 S. Main
Rice Lake, WI  54868
United States
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The Rice Lake Rotary Club is an active and committed service organization focused on helping others. Our Rice Lake club was founded in 1923 and we have been meeting since every Thursday at noon. Our motto "Service Above Self" is what has directed our fundraising and volunteering efforts to help those in our local community and worldwide that are in need.  We welcome you to join us at one of our future meetings, meet our members, and let us show you first hand what we are all about.
Hope to see you soon!
Mary Schnacky
Club President
Rice Lake, Wisconsin                                                                     
                2017 DUCK's Raffle Winners!!
1. $10,000 Cash - Andy Hagen (Rice Lake)
2.  New Honda 4-Wheeler- Rebecca Debaken
3. $1,000 shopping spree-Diamond Designs by Bodis-Mark Berger (Rice Lake)
4.  Truck Bed Cover Package-Peragon Truck Bed Covers-Tom Yeakley (Rice Lake)
5.  1 Year Family Gym Membership-Olympic Fitness Center- Val Scheps (Rice Lake)
6.  43" LED Smart TV-Amundson's Appliance-Nicole Hodkiewicz (Rice Lake)
7.  Fully Loaded Camping Prize Package-Johnson Bank- Josiah Hodgett (Rice Lake)
8.  $500 Gift Certificate- Lampert Lumber-Rice Lake- Mike Walters (Rice Lake)
9.  18 holes of Golf with cart for 4-TurtleBack Golf-Katie Hodde (Woodbury, MN)
10. 18 holes of Golf with cart for 4-TurtleBack Golf-Jean Gartner
11.  24 Car Wash Package-Jim Stoll, J&J Northside Car Wash-Nicole Hodkiewicz (Rice Lake)
12.  24 Car Wash Package-Jim Stoll, J&J Northside Car Wash-Dan Thole (Cameron)
13.  24 Car Wash Package-Jim Stoll, J&J Northside Car Wash- Vicky Ondell (Rice Lake)
14. Bluetooth Speaker-LeBakken's Rent-to-Own-Doug Kucko (Rice Lake)
15. $100 Gift Card-Norske Nook-Kelly Smith (Rice Lake)
16.  $100 Gift Card-Norske Nook-David Lane (Ladysmith)
17.  $100 Gift Card-Norske Nook-John Johnson (Rice Lake)
18.  $100 Gift Card-Norske Nook-Brett Novatny
19.  $100 Gift Card-Norske Nook- Eddie Mazel (Rice Lake)
20.  $100 Gift Card-Burnell's De'cor- Trudy Lehman (Rice Lake)
Congratulations to all winners and thank you very much for supporting or Rotary Duck's Raffle!!
"Every Kid is one caring adult away from being a success story."
                                         Josh Shipp
"It is necessary to surround a child with love, support,
and encouragement on every side, in every endeavor."
             General and Mrs. Colin Powell
"Caring adults must show up and be present in the lives of young people!
  Everyone can do something, starting today!"
Let's give the Rotary "Meals on Wheels" team a big thank you and congratulations for providing such a good and valued service to our local community.
A special thank you to Mark Gargulak for leading and managing the scheduling process for our 15 members who delivered meals last year. And, a very special recognition for Heidi Weber and Peg Martin who between them delivered meals on 15 of the 51 days of deliveries last year.
If you have not had the opportunity to deliver meals check in with Mark and give it a try. The recipients of the meals are very appreciative and you will definitely feel good for doing it!
For Rotary, The Four-Way Test is the cornerstone of all action. It has been since 1932 and will continue to be in the future.
Of the things we think, say or do
1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
3. Will it build GOODWILL AND BETTER
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
Our 2016 Annual Rotary Holiday/Christmas Party held on December 8th was a huge success on all dimensions! 
Aaron Marsh did an outstanding job of hosting the evening's events with a "big thank you" to other Rotarians Eileen Yeakley, Pat Asuma, Candace Falk, Kathy Ricci, Deb Nueheisel Smith, Becky Black, Bun Hanson, and JT Koser for all their efforts in planning and executing a wonderful evening.  A total of $3,380 was raised through the silent auction and a spirited "Christmas Tie Auction". Funds raised will go to local charities "Adopt a Family", "We Share Food Pantry" as well as the Rice Lake Rotary Foundation and "Polio Plus". We also enjoyed live music provided by fellow Rotarian Kris Longmire.
The highlight of the event came at the end when 3 prestigious awards were given to 3 very deserving attendees. The "Rotary Club Citizen of the Year Award" was presented to Mary Marsh (right), the "Rotarian of the Year Award" was presented to Eileen Yeakley (left) and the first ever "Rotary Pinnacle Award" was given to long time member Bun Hanson (center). Congratulations!!
"Refugees are neither seen nor heard, but they are everywhere. They are witnesses to the most awful things that people can do to each other, and they become storytellers simply by existing. Refugees embody misery and suffering, and they force us to confront terrible chaos and evil." 
Arthur C. Helton-The Price of Indifference
"Recognize yourself in he and she who are not like you and me".- Carlos Fuentes
"We are all part of the human family and we should be about doing what all good families do-caring for our less fortunate brothers and sisters". 
Dan O,Neill-Founder, Mercy Corps
This year Rotary Clubs around the world will be celebrating The Rotary Foundation's Centennial.
"We should not live for ourselves, but for the joy in doing good for others".
Arch Klumph, Founder of the Rotary Foundation 1910
"If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything"
- Mark Twain
" Anyone who doesn't take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either."
-Albert Einstein
"Everything we hear is an opinion, not fact. Everything we see is perspective, not the truth"
- Marcus Aurelius
On September 8, 2016 members of the Rice Lake Rotary Club presented a ceremonial check to Rice Lake High School representing the club's donation of $30,000 towards the recent purchase of new auditorium seats. Included in the ceremony from left to right is Rotary member Joe Huftel, RLHS Superintendent Randy Drost second to left, and other Rotary members Rob Buehler, Steve Bowman, Steve Salisbury, and Don Storm.
A big "Thank You! " to all volunteers who helped give our gazebo a much needed "face lift" recently. Congratulations and thank you to Heidi Weber and her two kids Caleb and Elia, Don Clemens, Marlene Gargulak, Bun Hanson, and Warren Dorrance. Our thanks also to Bjorn Hanson at Burnell's Decor on tips to properly restore and stain our gazebo.
This past Tuesday, August 2, the Rice Lake Rotary Club served 450 free hot dogs to attendees to this year's National Night Out event held in Moon Lake Park in Rice Lake. The Rotary Club concession was staffed by Rotary members Rob Buehler, Marlene Gargulak, Steve Tangwall, Warren Dorrance, and Mary Schnacky.
Local Rice Lake Police Chief Steve Roux said "these events are a great way for law enforcement and citizens to interact".  This year's event was attended by over 500 local citizens.
This year's DUCK's Raffle winners are posted on this website in the upper right hand corner of our homepage. 
Congratulations to this year's winners and a "BIG THANK YOU" to our "Raffle Sponsors". 
The complete set of rules and regulations for this years Rice Lake Rotary "Dry Duck Dash Raffle" are available by clicking on the corresponding link in the upper right hand corner of this Rice Lake Rotary homepage.
" Societies become great when the 'old' plant trees under whose shade they will never sit."
Hello Everyone,
I am trying to write this with my spanish brain so please forgive any grammatical errors. It is difficult for me to put into words the gratitude that I feel for the monetary gift which I have received out of the goodness of the hearts of the Rice Lake Rotarians. I must say that a couple of other exchange students overheard my mother giving me the great news and were immediately jealous. I am so happy for this because it allows me to continue to enjoy this beautiful country without needing to worry if I will be able to pay for my next bus ticket or for the entrance to the park. I will be traveling to the city of Iquique on the 16th of February and will be staying there for just a week. I live in a very small town about an hour from the coast and the activities in my town are very limited. I very often make the bus trip to the next town down the valley where I can get a bus to the port of Papudo, which has year around activities and a beautiful beach. During my summer time vacations I have done lots of trips including to the national park of Torres del Paine, Santiago, and Valpariso, and with all these things there has been a cost; less time with my host family, financial, and less time with the friends that I have made, but I am so happy to have the opportunity to do as much as I possibly can while I am here, and I am so grateful to have the resources to enjoy as much of these beautiful opportunities as possible.
Lots of love all the way from Chile,
Saludos y abrazos,
Daniel Gerland
Rotary International is a Worldwide service organization of more than 29,000 clubs around the world in over 180 countries. We have over 1.2 million members who share the purposes of providing humanitarian service, encouraging high ethical standards, and building goodwill and peace in the world. We give life to the Rotary motto... Service About Self.
We are joined in our efforts by a wide variety of partners including The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Global FoodBanking Network, ShelterBox, UNUSCO-IHE, UNICEF, United Nations and the World Health Organization.
Together we are doing much good in the World!
To learn more about our worldwide organization go to
The Rotary Foundation earned a "four star" rating from Charity Navigator, the largest and most prestigious independent evaluator of non-profits in the United States. This year's highest distinction is our eighth in a row, which places the Foundation in the top 2 percent of U.S. based charities.  Charity Navigator President and CEO Michael Thatcher wrote: "Receiving four out of a possible four  stars indicates that your organization adheres to good governance and other best practices that minimize the chance of unethical  activities and consistently executes its mission in a fiscally responsible way. This exceptional designation from Charity Navigator differentiates the Rotary Foundation from its peers and demonstrates to the public it is worthy of their trust."
At last week's Rotary meeting, Jim Gargulak shared with our club members that Rotary Zone 28 (upper Midwest and portions of Canada) was recently recognized as the   "#1 Rotary Zone in the world" in donations  made to eradicate polio.  Rotary Zone 28 is comprised of 12 Rotary Districts which includes District 5960 in which the Rice Lake Rotary Club is one of  62 local clubs.
Our collective efforts as Zone 28 generated $2,414,362 in total donations. Our District 5960 was ranked 4th in our District donating $177,522.
This week at our Rotary Meeting, Stacy Campbell, who won this years DUCK'S top prize of $10,000, will have a chance to turn that $10,000 prize into a Grand Prize of $25,000 if she draws the lucky number at a "live drawing" this Thursday-don't miss it!!
Fellow Rotarians,
This weekend, 6 Rotarians and their spouses from 3 Rotary Clubs in Romania will be visiting Rice Lake. This is a return visit of members of the Romanian clubs that hosted Rotarians from our District 5960 this past Spring. Please help us give them an enthusiastic Rotary welcome by joining in one of our scheduled activities.
You are invited to a "welcome cookout" on Saturday, September 19, at 6 p.m. at my house. I live southwest of Rice Lake at 1806 18th Ave. (the corner of 18th Ave. and 18th Street).  I will be providing brats and other meats as well as beer, wine, and soda. Please let me know via return email ( whether you will be coming, and if you might, bring a dish to pass. 
Yours in Rotary,
Paul Chase
 Rice Lake Rotary Club 26th Annual Duck Chase!
Mother Nature cooperated with a beautiful sunny day and a mild breeze across the lake. At approximately 4pm the 5,000 ducks were released on Rice Lake. At that point one retriever dog (Bear) was released to retrieve a "single duck" out of the 5,000 in the water. That duck was matched to a "Duck Chase Ticket" and the ticket owner won the top cash prize of $10,000.  Then 3 dogs were released in sequence to retrieve a "single duck at a time" for the 20 other prizes won by duck ticket owners. Congratulations to all DUCK's winners!!  Below is a picture of "BEAR" retrieving the $10,000 winning DUCK!!
On August 7 a group of Rotarians successfully transplanted some "Native Plants" in a new designated area outside the City Hall building. Don Clemens led the activity with help from Rob Buehler, Paul Chase, Candace Falk, Don and Pauli Storm and Joan Clemens.
The remainder of the "Native Plants" will be incorporated into the Narrows Park, Native Plant, Shoreline Restoration Project which is a work still in progress and expected to be completed before the end of August.
Rice Lake Rotary Dry Duck Dash Raffle Rules and Winners
28th Annual Rotary DUCK's Raffle Winners
Rice Lake Rotary Foundation